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Listen I made this course to show you how to setup and run Facebook ads that will make you money.

All the agency guys spend millions of dollars on ads. I had to create a way for myself and my clients to run ads that work with our small business budget.

As someone who is literally a genius and on the spectrum I did!

In 7th grade my teacher told me with my brain and energy I would find the cure to cancer.

No I didn’t find the cure. But I have helped over 400 women make money in their business and take care of their families.

I’ve done this with my signature method called the 6 Figure Pink Print.

In this guide I show you how to setup an ad in such an easy way it’s really unique.

As someone with Adhd I have to do things fast but effectively.

You will learn

-how to setup your ads,

-create a target audience

-define your target audience

-creating an offer that customers want to buy

-create Ad graphics & Copy that stop the scroll

And more!

There is no upsell. This is the course! I have ADHD please don’t make me sit and create another course 😂😂😂.

Boss Guide to Facebook Ads

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